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Count Me Indy cu Indianapolis le Marion County i Milurelnak Tlamtlinter ding Lemsoinak a si i khua a sami dihlak nih milurelnak ah an itelnak dingah aa zuam i – zeibantuk minung a si zong ah khoika hmun in an rat zongah – 2020 Milurelnak ah rel an si ding hngalhter kha aa zuam. Lemsoinak cu Indianapolis Khuapi Tthanchonak Phutthen (the City of Indianapolis’ Department of Metropolitan Development) i zung rianttuantu nih a bawmhchanhmi a si, La Plaza i Miriam Acevedo Davis le Indianapolis Urban League i Tony Mason nih an pahnih bawmh in an hruaimi a si. Count Me INdy Lemsoinak nih aa tinh bikmi cu kum 2020 Milurelnak ah Marion County ah khua a sami nih mah te bialehnak tampi an tuahnak dingah bawmh le theihhngalhnak, pum tlamtlinlonak le ngah khawhlonak he aa pehtlaimi zuamcawhnak tei piak ding a si.

Milurelnak Tlamtlintertu Komitti

Milurelnak Tlamtlintertu Komitti pawl cu U.S. Milurelnak Zung he pehtlaihnak a ngei i mibu rianttuan piaknak prokarem cungah aa hngatmi a si i milurelnak kong fiang deuh in an hngalh khawhnak dingah suaisamh piak le iteltum dingah khua chung i khuasami pawl kha thazaang pek a si.

Hika Indianapolis le Marion County ah Komitti nih aa hmaithlak bikmi cu mibu tampi nih an iteltum ding kha a si, asinain tlawm te aa hmaithlak vemi cu tuanbia ah tang dingin innpa chakthlang pawl milurelnak tang ah luhter ve kha a si. Komitti chungtel pawl cu manphalh lo an si i Indianapolis mibu i aa dang liangluangmi bu kha a aiawh.

Kan Tuahto ning

Milurelnak Tlamtlintertu kan Komitti cu Umbrella Komitti tangah ah sermi a biapi ngaimi rianttuantti pawl an itelnak a si i ningcang te’n le milu zat cungah aa hngahmi tuahto ning hmangin phutthenchinmi pawl nih hmailei ah an kalpi dingmi a si.

Ningcang tein tuahmi cungah aa hngatmi kan komitti pawl nih a ngan deuhmi kan mibu chungin a lengchuakmi bawmh dingah a hrampi thilri pawl le pehtlaihnak a pek i milu zat cungah aa hngatmi tthenchin komitti pawl nih milurelnak ah a harmi khuachung i khua a sami kha phak khawh dingah a bawmh.

Milu zat cungah aa hngatmi kan tthenchinmi komitti cu kan khuapi chungah tuanbia i a tang ding tiangin minung tampi milurelnak tangah an luhnak ding aa hmaithlak.

Kan Milurelnak Tlamtlintertu Komitti cungah aho dah a um?

Umbrella Komitti

Umbrella Committee

  • Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • Downtown Indy
  • EmployIndy
  • Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee
  • Indiana Latino Expo
  • Indianapolis Public Library
  • Indianapolis Urban League
  • Indy Chamber
  • IndyGo
  • La Plaza
  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation
  • Office of Congressman Andre Carson
  • The Polis Center
  • United Way of Central Indiana

Ningcang tein tuahto ning ah aa hngatmi tthenchinmi komitti pawl:

Arts & Culture

  • Arts Council of Indianapolis
  • Athenaeum Foundation
  • Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site
  • Big Car Collaborative
  • Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians
  • Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana History Center
  • Indiana Humanities
  • Indianapolis Art Center
  • Indianapolis Cultural Trail
  • IndyHub
  • Madame Walker Legacy Center

Community Institutions

  • Allison Transmission
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America
  • Citizens Energy Group
  • Community Health Network
  • Cummins
  • Eli Lily and Company
  • Eskenazi Health Foundation
  • Health by Design
  • Indiana State Data Center
  • Indianapolis Power & Light
  • Indianapolis Public Library
  • Indy Parks & Recreation
  • IndyGo
  • IU Health
  • Marion County Commission on Youth
  • Rolls-Royce Corporation
  • Salesforce
  • Simon Property Group
  • Vincent Indianapolis
  • YMCA of Greater Indianapolis


  • Beech Grove City Schools
  • Indianapolis Public Schools
  • Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Franklin Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Perry Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Pike Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Warren Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Washington Township
  • Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township
  • Office of Educational Innovation
  • School Town of Speedway
  • Butler University
  • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Marian University
  • Martin University
  • University of Indianapolis


  • Indiana Chin Baptist Church
  • Jewish Community Relations Council
  • Faith in Indiana
  • Muslim Alliance of Indiana
  • Center for Interfaith Cooperation
  • Concerned Clergy
  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis
  • Hindu Temple of Central Indiana
  • American Baptist Churches of Indiana (Hispanic Ministries)
  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis (Hispanic Ministries)


  • Indy Star
  • CBG (Radio Latina, La Pantera, Exitos)
  • WFYI
  • Indianapolis Monthly
  • Indianapolis Recorder
  • Radio AM 1310, The Light
  • RTV6
  • CBS 4 & Fox 59
  • La Grande, 105.1
  • En Contexto, Telemundo

Minung zat ah aa hngatmi tthenchinmi komitti pawl:

African American

  • 100 Black Men of Indianapolis
  • Christamore House
  • Community Alliance of the Far Eastside
  • Edna Martin Christian Center
  • Flanner House
  • Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network
  • Indiana Black Expo
  • Indianapolis Urban League
  • Kheprw Institute
  • Martindale-Brightwood Community Development Corporation

Latinx/Hispanic & International

  • Burmese American Community Institute
  • Chin Community of Indiana
  • City of Indianapolis, Office of International and Latino Affairs
  • Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors
  • Exodus
  • Immigrant Welcome Center
  • Indiana Latino Expo
  • Indiana Latino Institute
  • Indiana Undocument Youth Alliance
  • Indianapolis Public Library
  • Indianapolis Public Schools
  • International Marketplace Coalition
  • La Plaza


  • Concord Neighborhood Center
  • Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center
  • Near East Area Renewal
  • Shepherd Community Center
  • Southeast Community Services
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • West Indianapolis Development Corporation
  • Westminster Neighborhood Services


  • City of Indianapolis, Department of Business and Neighborhood Services
  • Englewood Community Development Corporation
  • Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center
  • Indianapolis Apartment Association
  • Indianapolis Housing Agency
  • Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center
  • John Boner Neighborhood Centers
  • United Northeast Community Development Corporation

Komitti Thilri pawl le Ahrampi pawl

Milurel Aharmi Innpa chakthlang pawl

Innpa chakthlang pawl i an sining pawl hmaanthlak in langhtermi (tahchunhnak ah, miphun le kum) le nunning sipuazi lei (tahchunnak ah, tangka hmuhnak le holh) cungah hngat in U.S. Milurelnak Zung nih chimhchung ciami zohchunh awk a tuah cang. Hi tuah chungmi zohchunh awk nih Kum 2010 Milurelak a tak in bialehnak a tuahmi ret kha hman tein langhter dingah hi  zohchunh awk kha hmuh a si cang.

Indy innpa chakthlang i milurel a harnak hmun ah zatuak 23% asilole 213,000 khua a sami pawl an um.

About 23%, or nearly 213,000 residents, live in hard-to-count Indy neighborhoods.